Turn Your Motion into Musical Expression

BitLabs has created OrBit, a motion-sensing device for musicians and performers. It bridges the gap between acoustic and digital music by connecting you to your favourite digital effects. Reverb, delay, pitch harmonisers, vocoders, light shows, all with a flick of your wrist. OrBit ships with versatile attachment mechanisms, for your instrument and for your body.


OrBit captures your movements using motion sensors to take your performance to the next level. Custom gestures can be mapped to any digital effect or instrument. Control anything from simple reverb to complex effect chains with a single device.


The instrument you play should not restrict how far you can take your music. Our stage-proof attachment mechanisms allow you to fix OrBit wherever suits you – whether that's on your instrument or on your body. OrBit ships with a suction cup, clip and wristband attachment.

Software Integration

There are as many digital music effects as there are stars in the night sky. OrBit is compatible with major digital audio workstations to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow.

Join the OrBit!

BitLabs is currently developing OrBit and we are looking for support from you. Contact us directly at hello@bitlabs.uk for feedback and inquiries.

You are a musician

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You are an investor

An investor information pack is available upon request. It includes the current state of our product and business development process.

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